Fire v.5 Protocol

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The National Academies of Emergency Dispatch ® (NAED™) announces the release of version 5 of the Fire Priority Dispatch System™ (FPDS™). The release features the most thorough fire revision yet from the Academy in response to changing fire standards, research, and technology. More than 200 official Proposals for Change submissions were considered.

New features and modifications in FPDS v5.0 increase the effectiveness and efficiency of call processing. It handles more types of incidents than ever before, with more than 40 new Determinant Descriptors.

Notable advances include adding a protocol to address bomb threats/suspicious packages and dividing Protocol 70 (train/rail incident) into two separate protocols. The protocols added were placed in numerical sequence, rather than inserted in alphabetical order, to maintain the historical integrity of data collection. Protocol 53 (citizen assist/service call) gives agencies the opportunity to add locally-defined service calls.

Other highlights include:

  • Replacing safety questions formerly found at Case Entry with incident-specific safety questions to individual protocols.
  • Moving dispatch points in Key Questions to earlier in the interrogation sequence and adding several new dispatch points, also early in the sequence.
  • Adding Pre-Arrival Instructions (PAIs) for incidents involving tunnel fires, trench collapse, structure collapse, confined space entrapments, suspicious packages (suspected contamination), and bombs/potential explosives.

Mark Braswell, member of the NAED Fire Standards Committee, said the revisions represent a significant amount of work, conducted over a two-year period, and incorporate Proposals for Change submitted from multiple users. The result, he said, is a fire protocol "one-step closer to perfection."

"Protocol is a living breathing animal," said Braswell, of the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department in Houston, Texas. "We're very happy with version 5 but this, too, will evolve along with fire standards and technology."

For more information or to watch an online streaming demonstration of FPDS ProQA® software, visit www.prioritydispatch.net or call (800) 363-9127. To learn more about the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch, visit www.emergencydispatch.org or call (800) 960-6236.

The FPDS is part of the growing family of emergency response protocols developed and maintained by the NAED and found in communications centers around the world for the past 30 years. Nearly 300 centers currently utilize the FPDS worldwide.